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Over the years, many informative and useful publications, factsheets, and other printed materials have been created to assist private woodland owners. This website brings many of them together and organizes them to help you find the information you need to understand and manage your land. To read most of the publications, you will need Adobe’s Acrobat Reader. Adobe for Windows or Adobe for Mac can be downloaded here.

Click on a topic heading below or browse the index.

Forestry Concepts

  • Definitions and terms
  • Inventory and measurements

Forest Management

  • Planning
  • Timber harvests and sales
  • Management for specific species
  • Roads, trails, recreation and aesthetics
  • Herbicides
  • Best management practices (BMPs) for water quality and invasive plants
  • Working with a forester
  • Firewood
  • Managed Forest Law

Tree Planting and Establishment

  • Tree planting
  • Christmas trees
  • Walnut
  • Collecting seed
  • Succession and tolerance

Ecology and Wildlife

  • Wildlife
  • Soils
  • Threatened and endangered species
  • Succession and tolerance
  • Wetlands, water and shorelands
  • Fire and Firewise

Pests of the Forest

  • Insects
  • Disease
  • Invasive plants
  • Wildlife


  • How to stay safe in your forest

Economics, Taxes, and Woodland Owner Assistance Programs

  • Estate/ succession planning
  • Income tax
  • Investments
  • Managed Forest Law
  • Non-timber forest products
  • Assistance programs
  • Land measures and borders
  • Trespass and liability

Timber Harvesting as a Business

  • Logs and grading
  • Kilns
  • Tree and forest value
  • Marketing

Miscellaneous Publications